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Washing Advice for a Clean and Aromatic wash

    Washing !! A better way

    How to do laundry so clothes look spotless and stay as new is a question every mother asks herself at some point. If your laundry basket is overflowing with clothes in different colours and fabrics, and you’re looking for clothes washing tips, you’ve come to the right place! Minute Wash has lots of information on how to wash clothes!!
    Our cuisine is full of bright colours and amazing flavours, but the mixture of vibrant coloured spices and bright vegetable bases can also create some difficult stains! Even if we’re careful, oil and tomato splatters always seem to find their way on to clothes, and they can be difficult to lift without a good quality stain remover. Here Minute Wash for removing oil, turmeric, and tea stains from clothing!!!

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    Everyday risk of getting Stains

    Every time we leave the house, we’re putting ourselves at risk of getting stains on our clothes. Even when performing mundane tasks, such as walking to the local shops or picking the kids up from school, there are three big risk factors when it comes to stains: sweat, grease, and dirt. It’s impossible not to sweat under the hot Indian sun, and it’s so simple to brush up against parked bikes and end up with a nice big grease stain on your clothes. It’s also easy to end up with dirt or mud stains – especially if your little ones are playing a sport! Fortunately, there are simple techniques for getting these stains out with Minute Wash.

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    Kids Stains, Tough stains!!!

    If you’ve got kids, you’ll already know that there’s nothing you can do to keep them from getting dirty! Kids just seem to be magnets for all sorts of dust, dirt, and grime, so it’s important to have some clever tricks up your sleeve for when they come home from school with dirty clothes. Minutewash thw complete detergent powder is here to help you with all your laundry needs! Here is a handy guide to remove ink stains and chewing gum from your kid's clothes.

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    Washing just got Easier.

    If you’ve got a household full of kids who love to get mucky and dirty, you probably didn’t think that ‘laundry’, ‘easy’, and ‘fun’ could go together in the same sentence, but they can! Doing the laundry doesn’t have to be the arduous task we imagine it to be, and by simply making just a few small changes to your regular washing routine – and adding a bit of extra organisation – you’ll find that not only does the laundry get done a lot quicker and with less effort, but it can also be a rather entertaining task.

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    We are really glad to launch this product with new micro emulsion technology that gives out the best results with taking care of your cloth's fabrics.
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    A Really Nice Product which take a great care of clothes and give it a better wash than anything else and washes clothes in just minutes.
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    A Really Nice Product which take a great care of clothes and give it a better wash than anything else and washes clothes in just minutes.
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