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Welcome to Minute Wash

The Complete Detergent Powder with all new Micro Emulsion Technology
"Ab Ghanto ka Kaam Minton mein."

About Minute Wash
         We, "Homey Group" are so excited to kick off with "Minute Wash". We know cleaning isn't always fun or exciting, but we plan to give you the boost you need to dive right in. Your clothes will look incredible and you'll feel amazing after wearing them. A dash of pink, a splash of yellow, a hint of purple and a bit of orange. Colors can liven up any wardrobe and can make you look and feel precious.
      Women love the vibrancy of coloured clothes and love it even more when they get warm compliments when they wear these beautiful bright coloured clothes. 'Minute Wash' has the innovative & New 'Micro Emulsion Technology' that keeps your clothes colors as new as ever, even after multiple washes. Thus it keeps your clothes sparkling clean plus prevents any color loss from the clothes.
       Washing clothes is perceived as a tedious chore by the Indian homemaker. However, 'Minute Wash', with the strength of lemons and its sweet fragrance, transforms this ordeal into a gratifying experience that lifts her spirits for the day to come.
      10 reasons why it is called Minute Wash:-

Minute wash rinses and gets all the dirt and stains off.

Minute wash gives electrifying brightness to the cloth.

Minute wash gives refreshing aroma which keeps cloth fresh, even after a long sunny day of use.

Minute wash gives deep conditioning to fabric.

Minute wash gives your cloth long lasting protection from dirt and bacteria.

Minute wash decreases the drying time of a fabric comparatively washed by any other detergent.

Minute wash increases the life of a fabric.

Minute Wash is recommended for all the major washing machine brands.

Keeps your Hands Smooth and Soft.

Save Time. Save Money